What are the benefits of technology in the classroom?

What are the benefits of technology in the classroom?

Technology has been branded as an evil but also at the same time an angel in the nick of time. When you compare today’s student with that of fifty years ago, they are totally different. Technology has enabled students to learn in a way that was not available for their parents. Today’s generation have easy access to answers. Besides, there are several sites that offer online schoolwork help for students at the comfort of their homes. With just a click of a button, thousands of research done and uploaded in the internet come up. With such ease, one may ask, are there any benefits from using technology in the classroom?

Differentiated instruction

The incorporation of technology in classroom exposes the students to different modes of instruction. Technology allows the student to choose what is suitable for them. Others may choose to listen while typing away some of the important points that they are able to pick up from the lesson. Some will choose to listen and record at the same time to listen at a later time. All these allow a student to choose their own method that suits them. You may be absent-minded or missed a point while the teacher was in class. You may not even remember everything taught hence the need to take notes and record. Technology therefore is beneficial to students as it allows them to maximize the information they receive and use it to enhance their study methods.

Different student abilities

It is no secret that every student is special in their own kind of way. There exists fast learners, standard and slow learners. Whereas others may thrive in a lecture environment, some are great at conducting research on their own and studying alone. Some need extra help or one-on-one teacher-student learning. With the different capabilities, incorporating technology in the classroom will allow each student to move at their own pace. Fast learners are able to grasp the concepts quickly during the lesson while the slow learners can have the opportunity to record and use it for a later time.

Enhanced classroom engagement

Sitting for more than two 2-3 hour lectures in a day can be exhausting for any person not just students. If all you are doing is sitting all day and listen to your teacher talk, you are bound to lose interest at some point. It feels like your head is constantly being pumped in with information even though it is already full. Incorporating technology in the classroom breaks the ice and makes the class a lot more interesting. If students are able to use their gadgets whether for typing notes or searching for answers, their mind become more engaged and theirinterest is aroused. As a teacher you can also look at the participation levels when you are using technology and when you are not. Most students are already familiar with these gadgets so no need for training. You are simply using what interests them, to help enhance their learning skills. This is beneficial to the student as in the long-run, their performance levels tend to improve.

Empowering students

The student’s learning experience is different from that of their parents or grandparents. There is an incredible amount of information on the internet which has the ability of creating endless opportunities for students if they are able to utilize it to their own benefit. For instance, students learn to use sites such as famedwriting; they are able to seek support from online tutors. A student can learn anything from the internet if they put their mind to it. They can even become innovative enough and create their own applications to enhance their learning. The use of technology in the classroom means that the students have limitless opportunities out there unlike the old traditional world where student were limited to the books available and what their teachers taught them.

Responsible students

Allowing your students to use technology in the classroom means that they have the power to search for whatever type of information on the internet. How they use the internet has an impact on their life as well as their studies. If a student is aware on the magnitude of the harm as well as the benefits that they stand to gain from using technology, they become more responsible. Like the old saying goes ‘to whom much is given, much is expected’. Technology can therefore help a student put their life in order and align their goals accordingly to achieve their set targets.

Makes life easier

Technology definitely makes a student’s life easier. If you are able to hand in your assignment via email instead of printing it and handing in a hard copy, that is definitely a plus for any student. If you have the chance to have a group discussion via Skype rather than disturbing your schedules and travelling to meet, it is definitely beneficial to anyone.

The benefits of technology in the classroom are limitless, you just have to use them to your own benefit to suit your needs.

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